The Scaled Advent

A Debrief in Lylilen

The return trip to Lylilen after the events the previous night in Trokan Keep was particularly uneventful. The team set up a camp in the ruined village south of the keep to let Coeus (Titan) recover from his ordeal. Sylarise Llervu used the Staff of the Arbor to grow a tree in one of the ruined buildings, in the highest branches of which Alston spent the night. The night passed without incident under the watch of Crius and Sylarise and the rested adventurers began the return journey home.

Titan was devastated to learn that he attacked his rescuers while under the influence of a Dominate Person spell the previous night, but quickly regained his usual enthusiasm when he was able to show off his “Wand of Surprise”. See: Wands and considered the idea of enrolling at the mage college.

After recovering Titan disclosed the events that occurred during his abduction, including acknowledging that most of the damage to his house was caused by his own fireball spell as he tried to ward of his attackers. Titan was mostly unharmed and was taken to Trokan keep unconscious. He was in a cell with one hobgoblin standing guard until another hobgoblin came down stairs (likely the charmed captain sent by Syl) and fight ensured leaving two hobgoblins dead. Titan was then moved to the throne room where he observed the slaying of the hobgoblin warlord by Melas’ brute. Melas inquired of Titan regarding the events in Grimhollow cave (see: Spelunking with Coeus). Melas then offered to have Titan come and study the effects of dragon blood on other creatures with him in the north.

Upon nearing Lylilen a mournful chant could be heard as all the elves in Lylilen signifying the death of a member of their community. Cruis and Syl ran a head to see what was going on and learned from Omalen that two of his students were killed by a female wizard while they were investigating Grimhallow cave after Titan’s kidnapping. While Omalen made short work of the murderous wizard (who also bore the symbol of Crestin) he could not revive his fallen pupils.

Having similar funeral traditions Sylarise attempted to join in the chant, and while his efforts were appreciated his lack of familiarity with this specific clan’s chant were more than a little off-putting. Syl also learned that the elves of Lylilen, unlike his clan’s traditions, do not conjure a Continual Flame as a monument to the memory of the fallen after their physical body is returned to the elements.

The town was greiving and the group participated in the process which culminated in a great feast and celebration of the lives of Imandel and Adaris. Alston took a meal to Titan who was found wandering his ruined home. Syl managed to brighten the situation by sharing his enchanting successes with his mentor, and also being able to teach his mentor how to magically repair things. The two then spent several hours trying to put the damaged house back together.

The next day was busy with negotiations and preparations.

  • Syl managed to convince Omalen to write a letter of recommendation to the mages college for Titan.
  • Omalen also agreed to teach Syl some new spells with about a 25% discount (Darkvision – 75 gold, and Expeditious Retreat for 30). Darkvision to help our blind Halfling see like the rest of us and it is notable that 50 of the 75 gold was generously contributed by the teams treasure hunter Alston.
  • Omalen also decided that he was prepared to remove his curse on Simon and asked Syl to do so on his behalf. The scroll needed for the counter curse was provided willingly by
  • Omalen and his decision to release his hatred further reinforced by a powerfully delivered speech by Foradjinn.
  • This further seemed to indicate that the team should investigate Old HarĂ© as the counter spell needed to be cast there.
  • Alston purchased a couple of new rapiers (one silver and one specially balanced) To be completed by the town blacksmith Thanen in 9 days (as he was still working on Kavendathis’ armor).

Finally Alston and Sylarise met with the town Elder Qinyarus Dawntracker. After providing the magical flowers to his wife and the whisky…firewater to the gentleman himself they were eager to answer the questions of the much..much younger elf who actually only managed to get snarky once during the conversation.

About dragons – No knowledge of the monastery on Mt. Alverston, nor of the dragon born elders within. However, 400 years ago the dragon scourge began in the sub-continent south of the black Throkari mountains. It was said that some mage had called the chromatic dragons from there to wreak havoc on Duvern for some unknown purpose. A council was forged lead by the elves Eldatis of Telefore, and Ithreil of Couldcroft who banded together dwarf and human leaders (including which ever Ceceil was on the throne at the time) to battle the dragons. It was said that first the council sent a team to retrieve a valuable artifact far in the north that helped to persuade the Metallic dragons to aid in the fight against the evil dragons from the south. With the combined armies the dragon scourge was ended. The evil chromatic dragons fled to the south, while the good metallic dragons returned to the far north. No one knows what became of the artifact.

Crestin- We learned of a once famous city called Crestin. A small town that quickly grew to wealth and prosperity after rich deposits of Moonstone were found in the town’s mines. The master of the town Lord Reduz ordered continually that the ore be mined leading to ever greater wealth for himself and the town. Eventually Reduz even hired Duergar (the gray dwarves) to work the mines. Reduz was said to have eventually gone mad. Rebelling against the king (Ceciel IIX a the time) even killing his emissaries his tax collectors. Eventually the King stormed the town and deposed the crazed Lord Reduz who was last described as desperately clawing moonstone ore from the mines. Moonstone is a rare and valuable substance that was previously identified with the symbol of two infinity signs intersecting perpendicular to eachother. That symbol is now known as a symbol of rebellion as a result of Lord Reduz defiance against the king.



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