The Scaled Advent

Layover in Lylilin

Enchanting Lessons, More Dragon Scales, and Black Garlic

Sylarise Llervu continued dragon wyrmling dissection with Coeus (Titan) while Alston, Kavendethis, and Foradjinn looted the room near the front of Grimhollow Cave.

They discovered rations, a bedroll, a lantern, and an ornate decanter of emerald liquid which no one could identify. Also, wood-burned on the crates was a mark like two infinity marks melded together which no one could identify as yet.

Foradjinn and Alston decided to grab a few Warg fangs, while the half-elf mentioned the tails could be used for alchemy but they had no way to keep them preserved. Titan, however, when hearing of the problem, grew thoughtful and interested in a possible solution to the problem.

Outside the cave, what sounded like a conch shell cut through the sound of the waterfall. Alston snuck out to see a hooded figure on a large brown creature pass by and steadily speed off north. Syl sent Sai after him, and, over the course of an hour or two, saw the rider reach a ruined village and keep.

After a speedy retreat from Grimhollow Cave, Titan and the four returned to Lylilin. Syl headed off to report to Crius while Alston and Foradjinn went to wash off the gore and Kavendethis trotted off to dinner.

Crius was surprised and unsettled by the infestation of Grimhollow; he identified the abandoned keep to which the rider fled as Trokan Keep, which has been in ruins for 100 years. Crius asked Syl to wait until he had consulted with Omallin and Qinyarus Dawntracker about the events.

While off cleaning up, Foradjinn began Gnomish language lessons with Alston and they witnessed some dancing lights after dusk. The students in the dining hall later identified them as Will o’ the Wisps, inherently evil, undead, and beautiful.

The next day, Sylarise spent time with Titan to learn enchanting while Alston made friends with the pseudodragon in his laboratory.

Foradjinn headed to Petmaer’s shop and had a carving of Anaya commissioned. While there, he learned of the Fall of Old Hare, its cause, and the three who dealt the finishing blows (Omallin, Hyperion, and Quinyeras). Also, he learned a bit about the dragons.

Kavendethis visited Thanin, the blacksmith, and asked him about the possibility of commissioning dragon scale armor to move more stealthily. Though disbelieving, Thanin admitted it was possible.

Sylarise, after enchanting lessons finished for the day, learned a new spell from Omallin.

Then the party regrouped at Crius’s house to learn he would give him the staff as thanks for helping Titan. He mentioned Omallin agreed it should go to them, but Quinyeras did not know of this and should never know. Sylarise suggested they leave the staff there for the time being. Crius had a vague memory of the infinity symbols but said Quinyeras would know more, suggesting they bring him some firewater and some distinctive golden flowers for Milanna, his wife.

The party then offered to accompany Titan back to Grimhollow for more dragon bits, desiring also to retrieve black garlic for some alchemists and some redwood for Petmaer as a favor to Grexis while gathering the nearby flowers for Milanna.

Back at the cavern, Alston performed a risky surgery to retrieve two poison glands from the dragon corpse which he put in a ice chest. After gathering more scales and assisting Titan with other bits, they parted ways outside, Titan heading back to Lylilin, the rest heading to the pool to the north.

Upon reaching the pool, Sylarise (I think) discovered black garlic despite the approaching evening. He utilized his Unseen Servant to pluck up twenty which released a massive poison cloud and spawned an ambush of six bullywugs.

A series of arrows, hammerblows, a sleep spell, and a cloud of daggers later, the party headed off to find the redwood grove. After Foradjinn does a terrible job of guiding them, Alston asks a squirrel the way and they all manage to reach the valley in which the Grove lies.

And as they pause for a moment, looking down over the scene, they spot three flitting orbs of light, winding through the giant redwoods…



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