A nefarious blue-robed wizard


Melas is somewhat tall for a human and is completely bald. He has light, fair skin and dresses in rich blue robes. He also has the symbol of Crestin tattooed on his neck.

Suspected that he is at least a 10th level wizard as he was seen casting two 5th level spells in one encounter. Additionally, his specialization appears to be Abjuration as he exhibited a purple-colored arcane ward.

Known Spells:
Mage Hand – Cantrip
Dominate Person – 5th level
Wall of Force – 5th Level


Melas contracted with a band of hobgoblins to care for a green dragon egg in Grimhollow cave. After the adventurers massacred the inhabitants of the cavern complex (i.e. the green dragon wyrmling and all the attending hobgoblins), the Warlord of the hobgoblins captured Coeus (Titan) in the hopes that he could be sacrificed to Melas as appeasement for the failed contract.

Melas chose instead to have his brute (a 7’ tall mostly hobgoblin-like beast with bright red scales) kill the warlord. Melas then used the hapless elven tinker as a hostage to aquire a mysterious green elixir that the adventurers had recovered during their earlier incident in Grim Hollow cave. See: Spelunking with Coeus

After obtaining the elixir Melas chose to dominate Titan and demanded that the adventurers be attacked. See also: The Face of the Enemy


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