Melas' Brute

A large hobgoblin/dragon abomination


This creature stands over 7’ tall and is covered in bright red dragon-like scales. It otherwise looks like a standard hobgoblin. It wears full plate armor and wields a large broadsword.

We are unsure what languages it speaks, but Coeus (Titan) heard it use some speech he was unfamiliar with.

Given the information Titan gained from Melas (see: A Debrief in Lylilen) we believe the brute is likely the result of some bizarre magical experiment caused by the infusion of dragon blood into a normal hobgoblin.

Regardless he is a competent combatant, as Titan witnessed him slaying a Hobgoblin warlord with nearly effortless ease, and seems to follow the orders of Melas without question or hesitation.


Melas' Brute

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