Monstrous Organizations

Hobgoblins – Orange Stripes

Reside in Trokan keep and were hired by Melas to guard a dragon egg (and the subsequent hatchling). When they failed Melas ordered his brute to depose the warlord. One of the captains who, at the suggestion of Syl, helped us batttle the others and free Titan was crowned the new warlord by Alston prior to us fleeing the keep.

Orcs – Two blue triangles

Encountered near the lake north of Mount Alverston. They were found carrying a chest full of gold, platinum, and rubies. We killed all but one of them who managed to escape. We later found the chest (which also contained a note in orcish) was a pledge from the orcs to Melas.

Kobolds – Sickle

Reside in the Angvar Forest, north east of Mt. Alverston. They serve the black dragon Kyrim who led them to attack the dragonborn monastery. Prior to the attack Rsto met Kyrim in the forest. They use “sharks” to burrow tunnels which they used to attack the monastery.

Monstrous Organizations

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